Your partner for residence visas and business in Slovakia.

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Welcome to the website of Residence Plus, Ltd.
Our company provides services in the field of handling temporary and permanent placements for foreigners in Slovakia
and services related to business in the Slovak Republic.

Contact information

Residence Plus, s.r.o.
Makovického 8567/3A
010 01 Žilina
Slovenská republika

Ing. Jozef Králik (konateľ)
Phone: +421 903 550 410
IČO: 46 692 134

Contact us during working hours Monday - Sunday 8:00 to 20:00 

In extremely important and urgent requests, please contact us NON - STOP.

Contact us Contact us via the contact form or our phone NUMBER 

Company Residence Plus s.r.o. is registered in the Commercial register of District Court Žilina, Section sro, File No. 56786 / L.

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