Your partner for residence visas and business in Slovakia.

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Welcome to the website of Residence Plus, Ltd.
Our company provides services in the field of handling temporary and permanent placements for foreigners in Slovakia
and services related to business in the Slovak Republic.

Víza a prechodný pobyt pre cudzincov

Cieľová skupina

Who is our target group?

Our first and main target group are nationals of third countries (China, Vietnam, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Africa etc.) (Hereinafter referred to as “foreigners”) for who are visas and legal residences in Slovakia required for each…  activity. These foreigners are living in Slovakia (they doing business here, they working here, they living here) or they have plans to come to Slovakia in the future, and they want to settle here temporarily or permanently for different purposes. The second target group are all, regardless of nationality, who are interested in doing business in Slovakia. We provide business advice to everyone. It includes everything from establishing of trading companies, through corporate changes, throught advertising and marketing, to various demanding and specific requirements and guidances.


What services do we offer ?

Are you a foreigner and you want – doing business in Slovakia? Working in Slovakia? Studying here? Lecturers at slovak secondary school or at university? Working as a professional sportsman? This is the right choice for you and for us it is n… o problem. We provide a complete service with visas and temporary residences. Visa and temporary residence for foreigners are an essential part of their legal residence in Slovakia by any purpose (employment, business, family reunification, specific activity and study as well). In terms of referred we provide complete service with visas and temporary residences, permanent residences, including renewal of temporary residence in Slovakia. Your well done temporary residence will bring you comfort that someone checks validity of your temporary residence and ensures their renewal. You can enjoy unmistakable feeling of focusing on your purpose you have set in Slovakia.  

We provide:

  • single service - equipping temporary residence for any purpose (business, employment, education, special activities, family reunification)
  • single service - equipping permanent residence in Slovakia
  • single service – equipping long stay residence in Slovakia
  • single service - advice on weddings of foreigners in Slovakia
  • regular service - renewal of temporary residence in Slovakia
  • regular service - equipping temporary residence regulary as it is for more people (monthly / quarterly basis depending on the number of persons)

Doing business in Slovakia

Do you have business in Slovakia or do you want to run business in Slovakia? Do you need to employ foreigners? Are you planning to expand and to extend your company’s branch in Slovakia or to neighboring countries?

To save time and money, just contact us. We are always here for you, for your successful business. We can help and advise on any requirements for doing business in Slovakia, since the establishment of trading companies that we do for you, through all the possible changes in your company- the extension line of business, accounting services and the most demanding requirements as well. Just take a closer look at our offer and contact us.

We provide:

  • single service - the establishment of trading companies (eg Ltd., Inc.)
  • single service - changes in Company Ltd.
  • single service - the specific requirements of the business.
  • regular services - accounting (in the tax quarter you selected)
  • combination of services for foreigners - for foreigners who want to run business in Slovakia or have business in Slovakia, we can can provide both services (Visas and stays in Slovakia + Business) in the regular service (monthly / quarterly / semi-annually) with the best prices in Slovakia. Feel free to contact us directly with your request either by phone or mail.